Orvis Mini Sling Pack
(Retail: $89.00)

The Orvis Mini Sling Pack gets the job done when your fly-fishing day calls for a compact kit.

Bajio Sunglasses
(Retail: $221.00)

IF4 is excited to welcome Bajio as a presenting sponsor. Sunglasses are the heart of this company – fresh eyes for long days on the water. Lightweight bio-based frames paired with blue light blocking polarized lenses for the perfect fishing solution. One pair of glasses and a camp cup!

Cimarron Ross Reel
(Retail: $295.00)

The original Ross Cimarron reel was introduced in the 1980’s, and quickly became a hallmark of the Ross brand.  We’ve come a long way since that era in our history, and we felt it’s now better than ever to introduce a reel with the same name to honor this timeless classic.

3 x Superflo Ridge 2.0 Universal Taper 
(Retail: $389.97)

The Superflo Universal taper has quickly become the go to all-rounder fly line, performing flawlessly on every rod that anglers have put it on. Now, its performance has been taken to the next level with the introduction of Ridge 2.0 tech: Faster shooting, increased line speed and a quiet line texture.

Airflo Polyleader + Trout
(Retail: $13.99)

New 8.5′ Polyleader from Airflo. Built upon their time tested Polyleaders by adding a tippet ring and color coding to every leader for quick and easy identification. The new, factory-attached tippet ring makes it easy to attach a wide variety of tippet sizes and lengths while preserving your leader, and significantly increasing its lifespan.

20 x Fly Fusion Magazine
(Retail: $179.80)

Dreamt up while sitting on a bar stool at the back of a fly shop, Fly Fusion magazine is the soul of fly fishing, a preeminent publication and a cultural leader within the sport. Fly Fusion continues to thrive in a variety of medias, including film festival, streaming, broadcast, social media, and more. We are passionate about fly-fishing community.

3 x Trucker Hat
(Retail: $105.00)

Introducing the all-new trucker hat from Airflo and the International Fly Fishing Film Festival! Available exclusively through the 2024 swag pack.

Water Master Dry Bag
(Retail: $24.95)

Water Master offers a full line of extremely durable dry bags. These bags are bomber! All one inch thermal and radio frequency welds so no stitching to fail. One small dry bag included.

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