Every fly fishing outing is filled with bits and pieces of a mystery. You never know what you'll catch, if the bugs will hatch, if the fish will react to the hatch the way you hope, and so on. These "unknowns" keep us dreaming of something incredibly special that exists only when all of these factors mesh together. And when they do, true magic happens. That's what this story is about, a day of Caddis Magic. Filmmakers: Gilbert Rowley & Phil Tuttle
In an authentic fish bum adventure bass film, Todd Moen captures a creative old-west journey to fly fish eastern Oregon’s high desert streams.  Brian O’Keefe returns on camera to chase smallmouth bass, after nearly 13 years since the original “Alpine Bass” made its debut on Catch Magazine.  Now, with drought and warmer water affecting much of the western landscape, and in an effort to lessen the impact of fly fishing for trout in the dry season, Moen aims for bass - a warm water gamefish.  With both aerials and subsurface shots, this film captures a rustic and low budget adventure only an angler like O’Keefe can pull off.  Enjoy the action and get inspired by this sure-to-be classic film. Filmmaker: Todd Moen Creative
Pressured out of Poland as a dissident in the early 1980s, Mariusz Wroblewski set out for freer territory, with his family, a yearning for wild rivers, and not much else. Four decades later, he’s become a conservationist and advocate for wild rivers – and discovered the true reason rivers figure so prominently in his life. Filmmaker: Brian Film
Casting Maya tells the story about the world-famous Ascension Bay that is located on the peninsula of Yucatan/Mexico. The Sian Ka’an biosphere reservation is known for its richness in gamefish like Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, Snook and many more. Travel to Punta Allen, a small fishing village also known as the permit capital of the world, with the goal of catching a Palometa on the fly. Filmmaker: Pure Films
Home Water follows professional skier and lifelong outdoorsman Riley Leboe as he travels back to his childhood region of British Columbia. Connecting with his brother Jess, they share an unforgettable fishing adventure, realizing their Home Water holds opportunities to create new anglers and resource advocates in a sustainable way. In addition, they seek out the trophy rainbow trout the region is famous for. Filmmaker: Ryley Leboe
The crew from FOSH is familiar with skinny-water, weed-beds and trout. But it’s a first as they take a trip up to the salt of Far North Queensland. Wading and wandering the flats while watching for a flash as the rain buckets in from every angle. Hold on tight as this group of friends take you on a new adventure for hard-fighting fish. Filmmaker: FOSH
A Season on the South follows a few friends on a season of fly fishing through the different regions of New Zealand’s South Island, exploring remote and pristine back country rivers accessed by travelling on foot, mountain bike and pack raft. Filmmaker: Wilderness Lens
The Stimmies Awards 2021 Anglers Choice Winner, FLAT OUT weaves DIY footage from years of exploring Australia’s Pacific and Indian Ocean saltwater flats, with an exploratory adventure to Sudan’s untouched Red Sea thrown in the mix, to challenge and reimagine fishing film genre. The award-winning film reconceptualises fly fishing in eight minutes of high energy, boundary-pushing, thought-provoking, life-long memory-banking. It is a visual documentation of what drives us. Don’t blink as we take you on an eclectic and radical new saltwater fly-fishing experience. Filmmaker: Mick Guthrie
Farquhar Atoll - one of the most remote Outer Islands of the Seychelles, located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, not far north of Madagascar. A vast geological past lies behind this elevation of volcanic rock, creating a unique habitat for both land and marine life. However, a long history of commercial fishing and ecological exploitation overshadowed the fate of this incredibly fragile ecosystem for a long time. Luckily, in recent years, local authorities have started to protect it by implementing sustainable use practices. In 2016, a massive cyclone devastated the Island, its infrastructure, vegetation, and shallow reef areas, leaving it decimated. A long period of reconstruction paved the way for the first eco-tourists to return years later. Slowly, the ecosystem started to recover, the reefs continued to blossom and most endemic species returned, not lastly thanks to the implementation of strict fishing guidelines imposed on the guests visiting conservation measures, and scientific research. This film revolves around a community of anglers, who were fortunate enough to visit the island for the first time in over a year. When they arrived, they found themselves in a healthy ecosystem, vibrant, and teeming with life.