Very few places still exist in this world with untouched flats, miles of ankle-deep water, soft white sand, and large bonefish eager to eat flies. But it turns out there is such a destination that is undisturbed and un-pressured right in the heart of bonefish country. Join filmmakers and anglers, Phil Tuttle and Gilbert Rowley, as they explore this hidden gem of the Caribbean known as South Caicos. Filmmakers: Phil Tuttle & Gilbert Rowley
Embark on an extraordinary journey with renowned fly-fishing guide and explorer, Jako Lucas, as he ventures deep into the heart of the Amazon jungle with friends in search of legendary, and massive, Peacock bass. His exploration unveils a hidden tradition among the indigenous people - a centuries-old art of fly fishing, aiming at catching the elusive Peacock bass on a fly they dub the "Pinawaca". Filmmakers: Jako Lucas & Dani Bayer
Dreams don’t reside in a foggy future, but in the clear ability to make and act on specific choices today. Through this unique experience of fly fishing, Filmmaker Nic Heslop realizes that dreams aren't as far away as they may seem. Join him on this adventure with award-winning filmmakers Gilbert Rowley and Phil Tuttle, as they explore the rugged and beautiful landscape of Iceland in search of monster sea-run brown trout. Filmmaker: Nic Heslop
Follow Fred Campbell and Renaud Furlotte as they travel to the isolated region of Nunavik in search of trophy Brook trout, Arctic Char and Atlantic Salmon. They spend a week exploring the Lagrevé River immersing themselves in the true wilderness of the North, where fish are wild and abundant and nothing has changed since the beginning of time. Armed with their fly rods and cameras, they share what fly fishing on one of the world's best brook trout rivers looks like. Filmmaker: Fred Campbell
The Runaround is a high-energy film that follows a group of friends and fly anglers on one of the wildest adventures imaginable. After bad weather ruins the group's plan to stay at Walker’s Cay for two weeks, the team comes up with a plan B. This new plan takes them on a “runaround” from Jensen Beach, Florida, to Walker's Cay, Bahamas and then back down south to the Everglades all in just 10 crazy days! From sight-fishing jacks and monster bonefish to catching baby tarpon, snook, and sea trout in the ever glades, this is one epic trip you don’t want to miss. Filmmaker: Jesse Males
Tension, a story from award-winning filmmakers Hilton Graham and Lucas Krost, celebrates legacy, conservation, and perseverance through the story of a young fly-fishing guide, her relationship with her grandfather and connection to the rugged landscape of the American West and the Jackson Hole One Fly tournament; an icon in the fly-fishing world for almost forty years. The magic of this well-told story comes in the shape of an unexpected narrator. Filmmakers: Hilton Graham and Lucas Krost
Hop in for a ride with Clyde, The Drake Magazine’s 1974 Mercury Marquee, and tag along with the cast of Tailer Trash Fly Fishing as they leave saltwater in the rear view mirror, for a summer full of surprises in the hills of Tennessee. From not so secret spots to familiar tail waters, the Tailer Trash crew never takes life or fly fishing too seriously. Like the twists and turns of a narrow road up a holler in Appalachia, you’ll find yourself wondering what they’re up to next. Filmmaker: Andrew Gilbert
Kendjam is a thrilling fly-fishing adventure capturing an expedition to the Brazilian Amazon. The story highlights the nuances of fly fishing in the jungle for a variety of fish species. The film is not just about fishing; it's a riveting celebration of nature, culture, and the enduring legacy of the Kayapó warriors in safeguarding the Amazon. Filmmakers: Helmut Zaderer and Vaidas Uselis
The Golden Ride explores the northern region of Argentina, featuring a group of friends in pursuit of community, adventure and monster fish. Join Josh Mills, Nick Torres, Jay Johnson and filmmaker Travis Bradford and as they chase aggressive Golden Dorado, known for their size, signature jumps and pure fighting power. Filmmaker: Travis Bradford