Experts say that sunshine has a way of making us happy, and with that in mind, welcome to my happy place. In a magical desert landscape filled with red rocks and water, there lives a healthy population of land-locked striped bass. Join us as we take to our wave runners with fly rods in hand to chase the legendary striper boils of Lake Powell. Filmmaker: Capture Adventure Media
2020 was a difficult year for everyone and let’s hope we can all put this behind us! But as funny as it is, the past year ended up being quite memorable for Fred and the crew. You want to know why? Because fly fishing is the best remedy out there. Follow our journey through the wild rivers of Terrace BC, the lacs and rivers of Eeyou Istchee Baie-James and the magnificent Matapedia river in Gaspesie. We get out there in search of Big Pike, Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead and Coho Salmon. Follow us on this expedition in some of the most beautiful places on earth! Filmmaker: Hooké
A lifelong spey-fishing guide, relocates his business and family to the northern frontier of British Columbia to chase the one of the most sought after fish - the Steelhead. At an early age, he was obsessed with Steelhead and could not veer away from the inevitable fact that hunting for them would be his lifelong career. He decided to move north to chase the biggest and baddest salmonid species to open up a new door of adventure. The sacrifice he made to move has paid off as he is constantly finding new opportunities in the unknown waters of the remote northern frontier of British Columbia. He now questions himself on if the reason for moving north wasn’t a pull from the fish but perhaps an escape from the craziness of the urban world. Filmmaker: Bouva Media
Referring to Steelhead as Ghosts, Emiliano Di Cicco challenges himself to raise one to a dry fly. Steelhead are often there and you don’t even know it. Anglers spend countless hours looking for them with no success, but we continue the pursuit in search of a single moment of connection. This same passion that drives pursuit also fuels the desire to advocate for and preserve the environments in which we find these beautiful fish. Raising Ghosts is an outstanding film with a message to keep hope and these fish alive and returning for future generations.
Filmmaker: Fish This World
Having kids and still pursuing a passion for fly fishing can be a challenge. For this Colorado couple though, sharing the sport with their children has brought new depth, patience, and an even stronger desire to preserve the rivers they love for generations to come. Filmmaker: Matt Coddaire
Baltic salmon is an extraordinary creature. Isolated from their Atlantic cousins during the last Ice Age, these fish have developed an extraordinary behavior, adapting their qualities to some of the wildest and longest river systems in Europe, being maybe the most powerful and challenging salmon of all. Sanna Koljonen is our host in this incredible adventure chasing her first Baltic salmon of the season in the heart of Swedish Lapland. Filmmaker: Focusonthefly Media
“Fly fishing” and “the west coast of Colombia” don’t go hand-and-hand. There’s a jungle, 4 transportation shifts, and an unrelenting coast of jagged waves. Good thing the crew at PopFizz wouldn't have it any other way. Join the guys as they go deep into the wild and come out with a story worth telling. Filmmaker: Pop Fizz Productions
The greatest location in the world to sight fish is the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. Couple that gorgeous location with some 80s vibes tunes and a fish species that acts more like a bullet train than a fish (Giant Trevally) and you get "Turbo Giants." The king of speed and aggression, GTs exceeded our expectations on this trip of a lifetime to the white sandy beaches of Astove Atoll with Alphonse Fishing Co. Follow along as three friends chase the indisputable fish champion of the world (GTs) in the most impressive landscape on planet earth. Filmmaker: InTents Media