In the middle of the Brazilian jungle two anglers chase prehistoric fish that the natives call Pirarucú. The pursuit of Arapaima, one of the largest freshwater fish, on the fly has it‘s ups and downs, but simply catching one of these prehistoric fish isn’t enough. Follow two anglers on a journey deep into the Amazon with a mission to find a prehistoric giant. Filmmaker: Fly Fishing Nation
Film Overview: For fishing buddies Chris and Gilbert, watching their friend Kohler give up fly fishing is unbearable. To rescue him from the slippery slope of the real world the guys have devised an adventure they are sure will jump start Kohler's desire to return to fly fishing. Will they save him? Experience the rescue mission only at IF4 in 2019! Filmmaker: Capture Adventure Media
Film Overview: With bad weather following the crew around the globe the team heads to Southern Alberta to target big trout on hoppers. Things quickly change when a 104 year snow storm hits and blows the river out. The guys scramble to finish the season off strong in hopes of redeeming the year. Follow them as they go back to their roots and focus their attention on char. Only at the International Fly Fishing Film Festival in 2019! Filmmaker: InTents Media
Film Overview: The Aniak River is a 95-mile tributary of Alaska’s Kuskokwim River. Draining the Kilbuck and Kuskokwim Mountains and winding through the wild Alaskan tundra, it’s full of rainbows, dollies, grayling, sheefish, northern pike and all five species of salmon. This film, by Todd Moen, is a mouse skating adventure, with angler Brian O’Keefe pulling in large, heavy-shouldered leopard rainbow trout in the Alaskan backcountry. Only at IF4™ in 2019! Filmmaker: Todd Moen
Film Overview: Seeking an escape from the daily grind, the crew sets off on their latest adventure to chase wild migratory brown trout. Their adventure takes them to a remote river in an undeveloped corner of South America where there is a thriving population of truly mammoth-sized brown trout. Follow along as the team’s journey to this place opens doors to new cultures, friendships, and lifelong memories as they catch some of the largest brown trout of their lives. Only at IF4™ in 2019! Filmmaker: Hog Leg Fly Fishing
Film Overview: Bigotry to Brook Trout features one man’s transformation from a life of ignorance and hate to quiet solitude on the waters of northern Minnesota. Hard truth and honest self-reflection parallel the beauty of Fall brook trout in this rare display of vulnerability and acceptance. Geoff Vukelich owns his past and speaks his truth, reminding us that we have the capacity to change our lives. Only at IF4™ in 2019! Filmmaker: Blue Forest Films
Film Overview: When Fly Fisherman editor Ross Purnell heard about a pristine river valley in northern Mongolia that was roadless and undeveloped, he knew it would be no ordinary fishing trip. Nomadic herdsmen call it “The Temple” and due to the sacred nature of the valley, no motorized vehicle access is permitted. The goal was to find a place so remote, and so pristine, that the truly old Taimen might still be there. What Purnell found was truly legendary. Special cut only at IF4! Filmmaker: Ross Purnell
Film Overview: Meredith McCord, Ken Tanaka and Marc Crapo meet up on the other side of the pond for One Day in Iceland. Yet another zany adventure by three-time IF4 winner Marc Crapo. Only at IF4™ in 2019! Filmmaker: Marc Crapo
Film Overview: Join Mikey Wier and friends as they travel deep into the jungle in pursuit of hidden waters and monster fish. The fishing - and some dangers - they find, are jaw-dropping and unparalleled. Only at IF4 in 2019! Filmmaker: Burl Productions