2018 Official Selections

IF4™ Sizzle Reel - 2018
IF4™ Sizzle Reel - 2018
Rio de Gigantes - Official Selection
Film Overview: The film Rio de Gigantes by renowned filmmaker Todd Moen takes Brian O’Keefe and Moen on an adventure to Rio Negro Basin’s Rio Marié in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest in search of giant peacock bass. With crocodiles flanking their boats, golf ball-sized bumblebees swarming their hats, and piranhas chasing their flies - all in 100° heat and 90% humidity – this adventurous film captures the tradition, adventure, and true quest of fly fishing in the Amazon Rainforest.
Seriously North - Official Selection
Film Overview: The holy grail of all fish is different for everyone. For the InTents Media Group, the holy grail is the most colorful and largest arctic char in the whole world. Follow along as they seek the grail. Experience the adventures of the seriously northern Canadian Arctic Circle, the hardships, divine intervention, and treasures they encounter along the way.
Fishing Beyond the River - Official Selection
Film Overview: For some, fly fishing is simply a hobby, but to Bucky Buchstaber of the Fly Fishing Collaborative, it's where his love of the river and passion for helping others combine to combat human trafficking around the globe. Fishing Beyond the River follows Buchstaber and his team on a journey throughout the stunning and unique landscapes of Thailand in pursuit of the elusive blue mahseer. Unforgiving jungle terrains, exotic wildlife, and seemingly endless miles of river make for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. But fishing victories are often short lived, which is why this dedicated team is setting out to prove how fly fishing can change the world one cast at a time.
DIYAK - Official Selection
Film Overview: “I knew the fishing in Alaska would be good, but I didn't know it would be this good! For me, it was just as much about the adventure as it was the fishing. When a couple buddies asked if I wanted to join a 100-mile wilderness float in a remote corner of Alaska, I didn't hesitate. There's not much that beats floating down a river with your good buddies, camping wherever you want and fishing all day. It's not an easy trip though… …but for us, the reward out weighed the risk. The mouse bite was epic and the fishing from top to bottom was all-time.” - Mikey Wier
Outside By the River - Official Selection
Film overview: Outside By the River is another epic story of adventure from Hooke. As soon as Jean Phillip finished his studies he waisted no time and moved to Gaspésie with his family to pursue his dream of becoming a fly-fishing guide. He embarked on a quest in trying to understand how to catch Atlantic Salmon, a fish which comes back from a long journey to its home river to spawn. Today the Atlantic Salmon have become much more than a fish he enjoys to catch – it has become his life!
Mako - Official Selection
Film overview: Angler's Eye Media presents their latest adventure searching out one of the strongest, most aggressive fish on the planet - the mako shark. Off the Coast of southern California exists one of the world’s top mako fisheries. With speed, strength, and what may be the most acrobatic aerials on the planet the mako will test not only their gear and knowledge, but also your will and determination to find and catch these world-class apex predators.  
Focus - Official Selection
Film Overview: An inspirational fly-fishing film about an adventerous couple pursuing their passion, which leads them on a memorable adventure under a smoke soaked skyline in search of the perfect image of oversized dry-fly sipping rainbows. For those who’ve never had a trout rise to a dry, a fish might just be a cold-blooded creature with fins and spots, but to you and I they’re the objects of our memories, of our pictures, of our attention. They’re why, as we leave the river, we’re already dreaming about the next trip.
Confluentus - Official Selection
Film Overview: We all dream of far flung pristine destinations with giant predatory fish that only the most exclusive and expensive lodges have access to. But for those of us who live in the real world, that type of fishing is often out of our reach, unless we are willing to chase it with a bit of sweat equity. In Confluentus: The Merging of All Things, three friends strap on backpacks to earn the opportunity to pursue bull trout in one of their last bastions within a pristine wilderness. Merging different backgrounds and unorthodox fly fishing techniques, they experience a fishing trip that piscatorial dreams are made of.
The Hidden - Winning Feature Film 2017
Film Overview: The Hidden locations within Iceland's volcanic landscape have tempted travelers for years. Follow the adventure of the boys from Western Waters Media as they explore the island, discover local legends, experience traditional cuisine, and catch some of the largest, most beautiful brown trout on the planet. Whether fishing a small, brushy stream in Utah, or a giant lake in Iceland, we can all relate to the beauty and mystique of brown trout. This moonscape has something special hidden within its overlooked rivers and lakes. Find out what... only at the IF4! Filmmaker: Western Waters Media
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