The Honey Hole

This film is about the journey, and enlightenment if what a true “honey hole” is. Join Josh and William as they follow Scott Anderson to his favourite fishing spot. Trekking through the backwoods of Nova Scotia in pursuit of native Brook Trout!

Filmmaker: Josh Swim


Just Like Mac

Uncle Mac left a deep imprint on Tommy. Join us as we retrace Tommy’s steps – from Alabama farm ponds to tarpon flats – to understand why.

Filmmaker: Ben Meadows


Why Do Men Fish?

Henry David Thoreau once said, “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not the fish they are after.” Dive deeper into that quote to understand why we enjoy fishing so much. The only way to find out is to experience a full day of fishing.

Filmmaker: Barton Holt Ingalls



A group of friends and photographers make their way into some amazing DIY flats fishing in Northern Belize.

Filmmaker: Jesse Ryan Males


Thoughts of a Fly Fisher

This short film captures what it feels like walking alone in the mountains, observing the surroundings and absorbing moments often missed when focused on the fishing.

Filmmaker: Simon Kay

Our Friend Munken

He moved north for the fishing. From Denmark to the very north of Sweden. His new friends in Swedish Lapland showed him the baltic salmon in the river and, he was hooked. This film, about fly fisherman Lars Munk aka Munken, is a tribute – to a great friend and his life on, what has become one of the best salmon rivers in the world.

Filmmaker: Ted Logart

3 Generations of Fly Fishing

This film covers three generations of a family exploring how fly fishing has impacted their lives providing a means to stay connected in a meaningful way.
Filmmaker: Jesse Ryan Males