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Chris Hanson is a small business owner and in 2015 a traumatic event happened where he lost his memory which made him question how much he was working but it wasn’t that easy for him to pull back. This is a story of his unique past and present and how he refocused his life with his new found passion on the river.

Filmmaker: Tim Myers

Traditionally associated with the Zambezi River and waterways beyond, catching tigerfish on a fly rod without stamping a passport has never been more accessible for South African fly-fishers. Not only are the travel logistics smooth, but the action is epic. Using light rods and floating lines to stalk cruising tigerfish in the shallows, amongst the weed beds, hippos and crocs of the flooded margins of Lake Jozini in Pongola, is as good as it gets…

Filmmaker: Hough Maritz & Jonathan Boulton

Smallmouth yellowfish are usually caught with heavy nymphs, right on the bottom. In this short film, we introduce a part of a river system where the fish have adapted to feed predominantly on the surface.

Filmmaker: Chris Walley & Pierre Joubert

A story of a young angler learning the way of the river from an unsung hero fishing guide, and mastering the art of fishing to become an accomplished guide.

Filmmaker: Ayato Otsubo

A multi-sport day in Rocky Mountain National Park- skis in the morning, cutthroat in the afternoon. The only thing in the way are the hordes of tourists…

Director: Zach Christiansen

This is the story of two seemingly unrelated fish that help us understand the connectivity within our environment and the importance of a healthy Chesapeake Bay watershed. My brother and I are young anglers and we feel a responsibility to fight for the health of these places because the future of these resources are in our hands.

Filmmaker: Eric Braker

The Greater Miami Area borders the vast wilderness of the Florida Everglades. The Fish know no boundaries, as the lines blur where the sawgrass meets the pavement.

Filmmaker: Eric Estrada

A fly fishing highlight reel shot in Montana during the summer of 2020.

Filmmaker: Josh Nelson

The Passion is a true ongoing story about transferring a very deep Flyfishing legacy from a Father to his son. A very beautiful sport unexpectedly becomes intertwined in surviving loss, encouraging healing, and seeding rebirth.

Filmmaker: PK Productions

Time is our most valuable asset that we possess, once spent, we can never get it back. Like fatherhood, spent wisely, it will return tenfold. Being a father is a privilege, and one not taken lightly for Quinn Styles. Join Quinn and his son Jack as they spend the day fishing for brown trout, spending their valuable time together!

Filmmaker: Dana Lattery

“CAST Family” collection of our DIY saltwater flats fishing in Australia and some highlights from an exploratory trip to the Deep South of the Red Sea, Sudan.
Presented by: Cast Mag Co Films
Filmmaker: Mick Guthrie

Two Southern Oregon University students travel to the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California to fly fish and document the progression and regression of the native Golden Trout and Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, with the help of Trout Unlimited and US Fish & Wildlife.

Filmmaker: Kaden Swart & Zak Fletcher